YeurDreamin’ Call for Speakers, Presentations and Workshops now open!!

…with thanks to the Ladies Be Architects team, our awesome keynote speakers!

Starting today, 5th February, we are opening applications for speakers at YeurDreamin. We have space for panels, discussions, presentations and workshops, while keeping true to our theme for attendees (including yourself!): Unleash your inner Trailblazer.

Our deadline for submission is 16.00 CET on Monday, 11th  March.

So what’s the deal?
We’ve no pre-conceived ideas on what you want to talk about, so submit your proposal. You’ll see options for defining your target audience and what sort of products you’ll be talking about. Hopefully they’ll be self-explanatory, and it helps us to understand what you’re trying to achieve, as well as getting a balance across the whole day.

One thing we’d like to point out is that we’ve got a few different spaces available, which will allow for different types of sessions.

Types of session space available:

    • Presentation or Panel: 20 or 40 minute session
    • Workshops: up to 60 minutes, where attendees will bring their laptops along, and it should be highly interactive.
    • Campfire*: 40 minutes, a small intimate discussion *not guaranteed; logistics still pending!

Good to know:

    • You can submit more than one session (it’s likely we will select a maximum of one session per presenter though, to enable as many people to present as possible).
    • You’ll be required to write an abstract, to help us know what your presentation will be about. Want to know more about how to craft a fantastic abstract? Jodi Wagner’s words of wisdom are a great place to start.


You can stop reading here, but – in case you are curious – what happens after you’ve submitted?


The Review Process

Review Round 1 (starting evening of 11th March)

    • Applications are reviewed. No identifiable applicant personal information is revealed, to remove some of the danger of unconscious bias.
    • The submissions are each reviewed by a YeurSpeakin’ panel, and scored based on the following criteria:
      • Is the topic relevant and exciting for YeurDreamin attendees?
      • Is the format of the presentation optimal for the content?
      • Is the goal/structure of the presentation clear?
      • Quality of the Content?
      • Has this presentation been delivered before at another Dreamin-style event?
      • Having fun, and practical takeaways, are bonuses although not strictly in our scoring criteria.
    • Around 50 applications go to Round 2

Round 2 (starting 18th March, and running until 25th March)

    • Applications are then re-reviewed, with the aim of sanity checking the first result
    • The most likely applications are put through to Round 3; remaining applicants are sent waiting list notifications.

Round 3 (starting 25th March)

    • If you have presented at Dreamin-style events before and your abstract is clear, great! This in itself is not a criteria, it just means you skip the next step.
    • If our reviewing panel hasn’t seen you present before, or we want to discuss your abstract, we’ll invite you for a (approx.) 15 minute demo/presentation of your content, with up to 2-3 weeks to prepare. i.e. those conversations will take place between between 1st and 12th April.
    • On or around 14th April, we will inform successful applications.

Round 4

    • 14th June: it’s over to you!


Ready to speak at YeurDreamin?