YeurDreamin’ 2023 Call for Speakers

Starting today, February 1st, we are opening applications for speakers at YeurDreamin’. We have slots for panels, discussions, presentations, and workshops, while keeping true to our theme for attendees (including yourself!): Unleash your inner Trailblazer.

Our deadline for submission is 23:59 CET on March 31st.


So what’s the deal?

We have no preconceived ideas about what you want to talk about, so we welcome your proposals. When you submit your idea, you’ll see options for defining your target audience and what sort of products you’ll be talking about. Hopefully, they’ll be self-explanatory, and it will help us to understand what you’re trying to achieve, as well as get a balance across the whole day.

One thing we’d like to point out is that we’ve got a few different rooms available, which will allow for different types of sessions.


YeurDreamin’ Originals

If you present this session for the very first time, if it is unique or special, we will label your session “YeurDreamin’ Original.” This will earn you bonus points (and a unique fun stamp embedded in your slide deck and video recording) during selection.


Types of sessions available:

Presentation: Each slot is 50 minutes, and you have the full 50 minutes at your disposal. Of course, your session can be 40 minutes and include a 10-minute Q&Q or so. But your presentation should be at least 30 minutes.


Good to know:

You can submit more than one session (we will likely select a maximum of one session per presenter, though, to enable as many people to present as possible).

We ask you to write an abstract to help us know what your presentation is about. Want to know more about how to craft a fantastic abstract? Jodi Wagner’s words of wisdom are a great place to start.


You can stop reading here, but – in case you are curious – what happens after you’ve submitted it?


The Review Process

Review Round (starting the evening of April 1st)

We review applications anonymously. No identifiable applicant’s personal information is revealed to remove some of the danger of unconscious bias.

The submissions are each reviewed by a YeurSpeakin’ panel and scored based on the following criteria:

• The uniqueness of the Content/Presentation! (we want to introduce the concept of a “YeurDreamin’ Original”)

• Is the topic relevant and exciting for YeurDreamin attendees?

• Is the format of the presentation optimal for the content?

• Is the goal/structure of the presentation clear?

• Quality of the Content?

• Has this presentation been delivered before at another Dreamin-style event?

• Having fun and practical takeaways are bonuses, although not strictly in our scoring criteria.

On or around the end of April, we will inform successful applications.

June 16h: it’s over to you! SHOWTIME!


Ready to speak at YeurDreamin? Submit your session here: