Klopotek is the international market leader in the area of publishing software. We contribute to the success of more than 350 publishers with more than 4,400 imprints, with over 14,000 users, in 140+ locations.

Klopotek by numbers
In 2016, the Klopotek software was used to process invoices or royalties totaling approximately 4.6 billion Euros net. Our software supports a total of around 4.4 million products around the world.

Expertise you can rely on
Klopotek’s Product Planning and Management system (PPM) enables publishers and media companies to optimize the management of internal and external processes. Publishers of every size – from small publishers to global media corporations – plan, manage and market their complete print and digital product portfolios with PPM. With the support of modern workflows, PPM tools help to develop products and to turn content into business.
Klopotek O2C (Order to Cash) integrates all the business models employed by publishers of journals and specialist information – now and in the future. With O2C you acquire a system for every manner of sales activity – including comprehensive CRM functionality and important supporting elements like target groups and marketing cost management.

Support which goes beyond software
How do you optimize your processes, integrate all the tasks and the associated data in one system and streamline your workflow?

Klopotek offers support in the form of analysis and Best Practices prior to implementation.

How do you adjust your subscription and account models to the challenges of digitization? How do you best organize the distribution of your data – how should tasks be organized between your portal, CMS and back office?

Derived from a diverse range of projects, Klopotek commands a wealth of practical experience in the deployment of the most modern technologies: bundles combining print and digital; chunks and chapters for subscriptions; web services, event-driven BUS technologies for portals.