Sharif Shaalan

Sharif Shaalan has worn almost every hat in the Salesforce ecosystem. He started out his career as a Sales Rep and top seller making outbound cold calls. From there he became a Sales Trainer, Salesforce Admin, and Sales Operations Manager helping to quadruple sales within a span of 18 months. In 2010 he started Agile Cloud Consulting and helped many organiztions reach their strategic goals as an independent consultant. From 2011- January 2019 Sharif worked with roundCorner inc as a Consultant, Senior Consultant, Principal Consultant, Product Manager, Solution Architect, Technical Architect, and Manager of Technical Architects leading some of the largest Enterprise Non Profit and Higher Education implementations on the Salesforce Platform while still working on for profit implementations with Agile Cloud Consulting. In January 2019 roundCorner was acquired by and Sharif decided to continue full time as the CEO of Agile Cloud Consulting.  Along this journey he has obtained 10 certifications, is a 6 time Salesforce MVP, hosts the yappexchange podcast, and has recently started the first Salesforce related Sunday comic strip called “Agile Clouds“.

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