Igor Stuyver

I’m a techie with a heart for architecture … proud of it ?. The past 20 years I have been digging into all kinds of technology, … but 8 years ago I got into Salesforce.com, was fascinated and never looked back.

I’m a Salesforce.com architect with a passion for building teams so I started the Salesforce.com CoE at CGI, Telenet and Liberty Global. Actually, I’m always building something, an App, a house or a team. Now with PDF Butler, I’m building a company.

PDF Butler was started because of the growing requirements in Document Generation on time-to-market, speed, branding, dynamics and content . Industry standard tools and apps just cannot keep up. These requirements needed state-of-the-art technology and as a techie … that was the challenge I was looking for.

I’m proud of PDF Butler, the journey of the past 2 years and our roadmap. Come by our booth and see us at the Demo Jam!

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