Behind Every Device is a Customer. Learn how to connect IoT devices to Salesforce.

IoT provides an opportunity for businesses of all sizes to add value to their bottom line, improve customer satisfaction and other KPIs.

Developing for the Internet of Things is a complex endeavor, and nobody wants to do it from scratch. Therefore, I invite you to my workshop to learn how to connect an IoT device with the Salesforce IoT Cloud. If you have ever heard about an Arduino, a Raspberry Pi, an ESP32 or any other IoT module and always wanted to get your hands dirty, then this workshop is for you. First, I will do a quick introduction into the Salesforce IoT Cloud. Then, I will demonstrate how to setup a device, it’s properties and how to listen to it (Yes, they speak ;)). Later, I will explain what is a micro-controller & how do they work. Finally, we will bring the two together and see how they interact in real-time in a quirky demo.

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Developer Trailblazers
Location: Cloudy's Workshop Date: 14/06/2019 Time: 16:00 - 16:50 Ankit Taneja