A journey to the AppExchange

PDF Butler started of as an omnichannel Document Generation with an integration from Salesforce.com. Initially, we integrated via a managed App that was not on the AppExchange.
As we were able to find more customers and partners on Salesforce.com, we changed our Go-To-Market to fully concentrate on the Salesforce.com ecosystem. At that moment we also decided to go to the AppExchange.
I took quite some time to get our App posted, while Salesforce claimed it went reasonably fast.
So what happened in this time?
What did we do, what have we learned, how did the reviews go, …?
Now we are there, how are we marketing the App and planning our growth?
Come see the session and learn “the good, the bad and the ugly” of our journey to the AppExchange!

General Trailblazers
Location: Astro's Room Date: 14/06/2019 Time: 09:40 - 10:20 Igor Stuyver