Ladies Be Architects (LBA) was founded in 2017 when Gemma Emmett realised there appeared to be far fewer women pursuing the Salesforce architect credentials than men. She decided to share her exam preparation notes via her blog, then added monthly recorded webinars which took a deep dive into a particular topic. The LBA membership started to form and more people […]

Recipe for an Impact First Nonprofit

A society where no one is hungry or lonely? Nourishing communities using surplus food? From Foodcycle’s first cook in May of 2009 through tonight’s cooks in Sheffield, Manchester, Bath, and close to 200 other locations throughout the UK, Foodcycle is making an impact on hunger. When a group of committed volunteers and an eclectic mix […]

Empowering Refugees to Find Work Within the Salesforce Ecosystem

The Dutch refugee population is diverse. At the end of 2016, there were over 101,700 refugees in The Netherlands. Background, skills, education, and languages vary vastly between individuals or groups of individuals from one country of origin. Just one in three refugees between of working age living in the Netherlands have a paid job and many […]

Going Probono – building social impact & meaningful relationships

Are you a nonprofit orgnisation that’s starting to use Salesforce? Are you a Salesforce expert (or expert-to-be) looking for a way use your skills for good cause? Doing probono project is win-win for both parties to build social impacts. Find out how to start this, where to look for, lessons learnt and dos and don’ts […]