Build Your Own Lightning Community in a Flash

Join in the fun and build your own Lightning Community!  Learn about the Lightning Templates and how they work, what the differences are between Templates, Themes, and Components.  Bring your dev org and explore the Community Builder including the record detail and list pages, OOTB Components that are available, custom components, the AppExchange, what your branding […]

The best feature you’re not using – Lighting Flow

Do you have a need to carefully guide your end users through a business process? Do you need to reduce the time to onboard and train people. With zero development experience and armed only with a simple drag and drop interface, I’ll take you through the steps to supercharge your Salesforce org with Lightning Flow […]

Prototyping UX Solutions with Playgrounds and Lightning Web Components

In this workshop, you’ll learn about design and development techniques for building custom solutions for the Salesforce Lightning Platform, which provides a powerful toolset for developers and administrators to create immersive experiences for users. The workshop will provide a hands-on materials creating designs with Design System Starter Kit, creating ‘composite’ Lightning Web Components in Playgrounds, […]

Set up Continuous Integration using SalesforceDX and Jenkins

SalesforceDX is new way to build and deploy Salesforce implementations. And as per google trend, Jenkins is highly searched build management tool for 2018. So, in this session, We will explain how to setup Jenkins and SalesforceDX for Continuous Integration (CI) along with branching strategy. We will also discuss what is Continuous Delivery (CD) and […]

Put the Wow! into your Flow Workshop

Salesforce is all about delivering the right information at the right time to the right person. In Salesforce Classic we tried to spice up our User Interface with Image Formulas because that was as far as we could go without a developer. Can we go further as admins in Lightning Experience? Yes, we can! Flows […]