Invocable Methods: The Musical

Across the industry, admins and developers suffer from lack of cooperation without even realizing it. Developers see declarative tools as too weak to accomplish requirements, whereas admins see code as too complex to support. The result is separation and lack of cooperation. It doesn’t have to be that way. In this session, we’ll learn how […]

Experience with Salesforce DX on real project

We all heard about Salesforce DX, at least half of us still consider it as something for developers what they don’t plan to touch. We might be right, we might be wrong. Tons of presentations have been delivered about all its cool features and how even admins can use them. So it might be time […]

Top Tips For Solo Admins

Hands up if you’re a solo Admin? Whether you look after 5 or 500 users, being a solo Admin can be tough, especially if you’re an “Accidental Admin” and constantly feel like you’re winging it…   During this session we’ll look at streamlining user onboarding and support, optimising your org to increase user adoption, making […]

An Admin’s Guide to Workbench

Are you comfortable behind the Setup menu and now ready to broaden your Admin horizons? Join me to learn how using Workbench, a ‘Developer Tool’, can help you UP your Admin game and flex your Trailblazer muscles. You will leave understanding how it can open up new possibilities as well as provide useful shortcuts.