Head in the cloud, feet on the ground.


Head in the cloud, feet on the ground.

This is the first blog post in a series about YeurDreamin’ 2020, the #1 Salesforce community event in Benelux. This post explores and explains what YeurDreamin’ is about. We will zoom in on networking opportunities, our sessions and speakers, the Salesforce community, nonprofits and much more.

So, what is YeurDreamin’?

YeurDreamin’, first established in 2019, is THE Salesforce community conference in Benelux, where dreamers and doers meet! It is a nonprofit passion project offering something for everyone. 450+ bright minds from the Benelux region and international Ohana come together for a full day of networking, informative sessions and browsing for sponsor offerings in the expo area. 

Dreamin’ events are a trend

Dreamin’ events allow you to get a glimpse of the Dreamforce experience closer to home. Dreamin’ events have emerged as a global phenomenon in recent years, each regional event bringing trailblazers together in their own style. These events are not organized by Salesforce but by a team of Salesforce MVPs, community group leaders, and other Salesforce enthusiasts.

Sessions: Learn tomorrow’s skills today

YeurDreamin’ sessions cover a broad range of topics, as we think to your trailheart’s content: Discover the latest Salesforce product innovations, sharpen your administrator skills, explore developer topics or deep-dive into Salesforce architecture. And don’t forget the highly rated keynotes!

The right session could put you on a new career path and allow you to reinvent yourself in the coming decade. The skills gap is ever-growing and more and more people are needed in the Salesforce ecosystem. That could be you.


YeurDreamin’ offers a full day to connect with the Salesforce community. Global program leaders, MVPs, top tier architects, community group leaders, evangelists, golden hoody bearers will all be attending. 

You may meet the occasional golden hoodie at YeurDreamin’. This is a sign of recognition from Salesforce for trailblazers who dared to dream and achieve in the Salesforce ecosystem. If you have any doubts about starting a new career in Salesforce, seek them out and talk to them.

Maybe you will meet your next business partner or service provider. If networking is your forte, this is where you need to be!

Sponsors and Demo Jam

The infamous Demo Jam is back! Our great sponsors compete to see who built the best application and/or innovation on the Salesforce platform. Each Sponsor will pitch and demonstrate, then you choose the winner!

What if your favorite didn’t participate? You have the entire day to visit the sponsor booths where you can discuss in depth about products and services, get your personalized live demos and ask all the in-depth questions you have.

Non-profit and Community

Listen to inspiring success stories from the community and especially nonprofit speakers. Giving back is a big part of the Ohana spirit. Inspired by Salesforce’s 1-1-1 model, YeurDreamin’ is putting a nonprofit organisation on stage in order to increase awareness and reward them. 

The scale and impact of the Salesforce community are massive and YeurDreamin’ is an eye-opener. If you’re not already, you have a good chance of becoming a multiplier after attending our event. No matter what you do on the day, the goal is to enable and empower you. Tomorrow is a dream away!

YeurDreamWeek and YeurLeadin’

Keep an eye on our newsletter and socials for additional fun stuff to do while in Amsterdam. Before and after YeurDreamin’ a number of events will take place for professional expansion and just plain fun with other Trailblazers.

One of these is YeurLeadin’, being a more focused follow-up event, gathering Salesforce community group leaders from around Europe and the globe giving them the opportunity to exchange among themselves based on a tailored agenda and sessions.

This is just to give you an idea of what YeurDreamin’ actually is. Don’t believe us? We have pictures! For more updates, please also follow us on Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Youtube. We’d love to connect with you!