About Us

Who are we?


What is YeurDreamin’?

YeurDreamin’ is the very first community-led event for Salesforce professionals in Benelux! The event is a one-day full exciting event with multiple tracks of content and some of the best Salesforce speakers that you don’t want to miss. The best part of YeurDreamin’ is that the event is organized, run and delivered by people from within the Salesforce community. 

YeurDreamin’ is a Salesforce event you do not want to miss. Don’t just take our word for it, we have a video to prove it:

There is a community?

Salesforce has a vibrant and active community of users that regularly meet to help and support each other on Salesforce-related topics. The Salesforce community in Benelux is expanding all the time. We organize Trailhead Saturdays and Salesforce User Group events in many cities and towns across the Benelux. We aim to bring people together to develop relationships, learn as much as possible about Salesforce, and share knowledge whilst having fun at the same time!

These events are bundled together and are a supersized version of what you can expect from the smaller events. We are extremely proud that YeurDreamin’ is on its way to bringing all people together! To learn more about the community or how you can become part of the community, you can visit our Benelux SF Community page.