2023 Sessions

2023 was awesome! Please take a look at our 2023 line-up.
Below you will find all sessions, the LinkedIn page of the speakers and, if available, the slides of their sessions.

Morning Sessions

The Future of Salesforce: Enhancing Sales and Customer Service with Chat GPT Technology

By: Bartek Wasowski

I. Introduction
A. Brief overview of Salesforce and its role in sales and customer service
B. Importance of improving customer service and sales
C. Introducing Chat GPT technology and its potential to enhance sales and customer service

II. Chat GPT technology and customer service
A. Explanation of how Chat GPT works and its benefits
B. Case study: Examples of how Chat GPT can answer customer questions about products and offers
C. Benefits of using Chat GPT technology for customer service

III. Chat GPT technology and sales preparation
A. Explanation of how Chat GPT can help salespeople prepare for meetings
B. Case study: Examples of how Chat GPT technology can help salespeople prepare for meetings
C. Benefits of using Chat GPT technology for sales preparation

IV. Implementation of Chat GPT technology in Salesforce
A. Explanation of how Chat GPT technology can be integrated into Salesforce
B. Benefits of integrating Chat GPT technology into Salesforce
C. Challenges and considerations for implementing Chat GPT technology in Salesforce

V. Conclusion
A. Summary of the benefits of using Chat GPT technology in sales and customer service
B. Future outlook for Chat GPT technology in Salesforce
C. Closing remarks and Q&A session

Introduction to Industries Communications Cloud

By: Dariusz Halczewski

Salesforce’s Communications Cloud is the industry’s most comprehensive, cloud-native BSS solution. Created by Vlocity now is a main pilar of Salesforce Industries portfolio dedicated for telco companies to walk customers and agents through complex sales, ordering and fulfilment processes.

During my presentation I will describe key capabilities and features of Salesforce Communications Cloud including: Enterprise Product Catalog (EPC), Industries Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ), Industries Order Management (OM) and Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM).

Admins! You Too Can Create Integrations (using OpenAPI 3)

By: Louise Lockie

Presentation slides: Click here

Integrations just got easier, and code free, using the new OpenApi 3.0 spec generation and external services.

Let me show you how!

We’ll cover some key use cases where you can create an integration using clicks not code, and all for free!

Google and Salesforce – what we can use and what it does

By: Martin Humpolec

Presentation slides: Click here

You might heard about Salesforce and Google partnership and wonder what is in for you, anything you can use right now?

Salesforce Inbox, Google 365, Chrome plugin, Google Analytics, Leads, Einstein Activity Capture, Lightning Sync – there are many different ways for different tasks and you need to choose the right combination not to confuse users and make your instance shine.

Harnessing the Power of Salesforce EinsteinGPT and ChatGPT API for Your Salesforce Org

By: Romain Quijal and Jeremy Vial

Discover Salesforce EinsteinGPT & ChatGPT, AI-driven tools that revolutionize your Salesforce Org. Learn their features, integration, & use cases such as personalized customer support, sales optimization & marketing automation. Boost efficiency, innovation & growth by unleashing the power of AI.

Think, Design, Explain, Repeat

By: Christian Andrada

A highly interactive session for devs and architects using the CTA journey knowledge to provide better ways of analysing, designing and communicating a Salesforce Solution.

UX as the Catalyst for Good ROI: The Power of OmniStudio

By: Lilith Van Biesen and Ankie Dees

Presentation slides: Click here

Good user experience is vital in ensuring adequate adoption and thus ROI of a Salesforce implementation. While Salesforce’s Platform comes packed with out-of-the-box user interface options like Flow, they don’t always fit the bill. Enter the new kid on the block: Omnistudio. Join us in a discussion on the importance of user experience and how to leverage it in Salesforce while also taking a look under the hood of OmniStudio to discover how it can help balance UX and scalability.

How Drones can save your life – interactive demo


We want to take you 5-10 years in the future, in which a patient suffers a cardiac arrest.


However due to Salesforce technology, a life-saving solution is triggered.

• His smart watch identifies the scenario, and starts the emergency process

• Emergency aid is informed, as well as registered family members.

• A drone is sent out with an AED kit to the exact location to provide assistance

How close are we to this specific scenario, in which drones can save you? What needs to happen ? Where can Salesforce come in?

6 lessons rolling out 15 sfmc global white label journeys (email & SMS) in +30 countries in 2 weeks

By: Viresh Narain

Finding yourself / team taking months, quarters (even longer?!) to get a (simple) automated journey in Marketing Cloud created, tested and sending out to drive value?

You’ve invested (heavily one might say) in industries finest Marketing Automation software, Salesforce Marketing Cloud. The skyrocket to take all your troubles away…

6 tangible lessons learned over years and years of SFMC experience, been involved in +159 SFMC projects, capturing the essence of how to truly utilize the power of the SFMC technology, to drive pragmatic business value.

Talent Ecosystem : Reskilling, Upskilling : Approach and challenges


“The one thing we need more than hope is action. Once we start to act, hope is everywhere. So instead of looking for hope, look for action. Then, and only then, hope will come.” (Greta Thunberg). Come and hear from our reskilling partners, students and customers how we are acting.

How to protect your data in Salesforce

By: Patrick Palliet

Are you looking to efficiently locate and protect critical data within your file shares and Salesforce? Are you concerned about detecting abnormal behaviour and preventing data leaks and internal threats?

Join the Varonis session to:

• Determine the whereabouts of your sensitive data.
• Identify authorised users and their permissible access.
• Monitor actual data usage and verify its legitimacy.

Unleashing the Power of ChatGPT: A Deep Dive into My Day-to-Day Workflow as Salesforce Administrator

By: Azmi Wahab

Presentation slides: Click here

I will take you on a journey into the world of ChatGPT and show you how this new technology has transformed my day-to-day workflow. I will start by providing an overview of ChatGPT and how it works, as well as its key features and benefits.

Next, I will dive into my own experience of using ChatGPT and share with you how I have leveraged this technology to increase my efficiency, productivity, and overall work performance. I will walk you through my typical day and show you how ChatGPT has become an integral part of my work routine.

Throughout the presentation, I will showcase some of the real-world examples of how ChatGPT has helped me in different scenarios such as research, writing, and communication. I will also demonstrate how ChatGPT has enabled me to handle complex tasks and projects more effectively and efficiently.

Finally, I will discuss the future of ChatGPT and its potential impact on the world of work. I will highlight some of the key trends and opportunities that are emerging as ChatGPT continues to evolve and mature.

By the end of this presentation, you will have a deep understanding of how ChatGPT works and how it can transform the way you work. You will have a new appreciation for the power of this technology and the exciting opportunities it presents for the future of work.

Bring data to your LWC without Apex using the GraphQL Wire Adapter

By: Fabien Taillon

Presentation slides: Click here

Using Lightning Data Service is great in LWC, getting record data in just a few lines of code without having to write Apex, Test Class, be sure that Field Level Security is checked etc… But you quickly hit a limit, as soon as you want to get more specific data, applying filters or getting relationships, you need to go back to Apex. Not anymore ! With the GraphQL Wire Adapter you’ll be able to query Salesforce data right from your LWC without writing a single line of Apex. Let’s have a look !

Mastering zoom workshops: How to sharpen your spidey sense by reading non-verbals

By: Pei Mun Lim

Presentation slides: Click here

“Running virtual workshops is hard.

How can you tell who’s lost, or just disinterested?

How do you know to take what’s said at face value, or to gently probe a little deeper?

How do you engage?

How can you get to the heart of issues?

Do you even want to go *there*?

How are you supposed to design a solution that provides “”long term business value”” to the user if everyone’s busy doing emails or slacking when they are supposed to be focused on the process mapping workshop??

It pays to pay attention.

To understand the nuances of non-verbals, which become even more important in the virtual world.

In this interactive workshop, I talk about some tips on sharpening your spidey sense to level up your social awareness skills!”

Say goodbye to Profile Permissions. A modular approach towards the new Permission Management Model.

By: Yannis Van de Velde and Anthony Taravella

Presentation slides: Click here

Where are we heading with Permission Management in Salesforce? As permissions on Profiles are on the End of Life track, we are setting our sights on a more modular approach of permission management that allows the admins more flexibility and insights. As there is no silver bullet for perfect permission management, we talk you through the Do’s and Don’ts, Wants and Won’ts of migrating to this future proof way working.

Unleash Your Salesforce Career with Senior Recruitment Specialist

By: Pamela Hemperek

Are you ready to unleash the full potential of your Salesforce career?

This session with Salesforce recruitment specialist Pamela Hemperek is designed to provide you with practical tips and strategies on networking effectively, building a standout CV, optimizing your LinkedIn profile, and acing the Salesforce interview process.

Don’t miss this opportunity to supercharge your professional journey and pave the way for success in the dynamic world of Salesforce.

Get ready to transform your career trajectory and open the door to exciting opportunities!

Afternoon sessions

Designing End-to-End-Tests for Experience Cloud – A Primer

By: Daniel Stange


Experience Cloud is the point in your CRM strategy where you have a direct touchpoint with your customers, and everything should be styled nicely, in-brand and absolutely flawless.

But how do you make sure that this is safe and guaranteed at all times while you’re delivering features and deploying in fast iterations? And how do you test complex roundtrips such as self-signups with email verification?

The common answer is: End-to-End tests with automated front end testing. Cumulus CI and Robot framework provide us with powerful tools, and they can be enhanced relatively easy. Let’s build our first end-to-end test suite to verify we don’t break our customer’s experience and can build and deploy with confidence.

I just can’t get started!

By: Helen Garcia

The number of times that I come across teams that end up leaving harder, more boring, more complicated tasks to the last minute is countless.

But why? It can be daunting and there’s is usually something more distracting to get our teeth into. So how can we stop this habit and develop a healthier and more helpful path forward?

If you want to find out more about how to break through this blocker and impress yourself, your colleagues and your team then join my talk where I will provide you with tips and tools to help you on your journey to a more productive you in 2023.

Best Practices for Keeping Your Salesforce Org Secure

By: Houssam SAOUDY and Abdelhakim Mouttaqui

The Salesforce security features help you empower your users to do their jobs safely and efficiently, in this session we will learn how to create a multi-layered security strategy for your Salesforce organization, we will review and present best practices for protecting your organization from the inside and the outside.

Net Zero Cloud Crash Course

By: Ines Garcia

Join us to discover this cloud in demo mode, from context and what’s evolving in the industry, as well to how it works, it’s architecture and different modules, reference data, lower grain records, in-built automation, analytics and more!

Extending CPQ with External Product Configuration

By: Joost van Elsuwé and Kobe Bernar

Presentation slides: Click here

Most business cases of Salesforce CPQ are based on the complexity of your product catalogue or pricing structure. We believe Salesforce CPQ is a sales enablement platform that can serve very different purposes and provide value in ways that can vary depending on the client, the vertical and overall architecture. We implemented Salesforce CPQ at a Freight Forwarder and completely rely on an external system to feed CPQ with the Product Configuration Data (Routing Schedules of ships, trucks, and so on), while retaining the out-of-the-box capabilities capabilities of pricing and contract automation. This session can inspire participants to also accommodate their atypical use cases with the power and flexibility of CPQ.

10 Slack Productivity Tips & Tricks

By: Christine Marshall

How can you cut out the noise and make Slack work for you? In this session, I’ve got 10 productivity tips and tricks to share that will reduce Slack fatigue and bring joy!

Let’s Drag & Drop Apex Together – Welcome to the World of Data Raptors & Integration Procedures

By: Deepika Motamarri


Apex has long been recognized as the go-to language for Salesforce developers looking to construct complex solutions. However, Salesforce has recently introduced tools that enable non-developers to configure complex functionalities using SFI tools, while also helping developers increase their efficiency.

Let’s together explore the power of Data Raptors and Integration Procedures, how they are abstracting complex implementations to transform our day-to-day life.

Industry Cloud Starter Pack

By: Georgii Saveliev

Presentation slides: Click here

We’ve all heard the buzz around Salesforce Industries, but just what the heck is it? In this session we’ll learn what is Salesforce Industries, what different components typically make up a Salesforce Industry Cloud, as well as a quick overview of all of the different Industry Clouds that are generally available today.

Unleash the power of Salesforce Integration: Best Practices to drive success

By: Robin Wijnen

Salesforce is renowned for its API-led approach to integrations. But with so many options to choose from, how can you ensure that your integration project will deliver the outcomes you need? Join us to learn best practices for integrating Salesforce and gain practical insights to make your integration projects more successful

How to expose your native Salesforce ISV app to your customers’ customers

By: Tim Schuitemaker

Presentation slides: Click here

Join us for an informative event where we will explore the benefits and best practices of exposing your native Salesforce ISV app to your customers’ customers. Discover how this can increase adoption and drive revenue growth for your business. Our experts will share insights and real-world examples on how to successfully implement this strategy. Don’t miss this opportunity to unlock the full potential of your Salesforce ISV app and take your business to the next level.

Master Microsoft 365 with the Power of Salesforce

By: Andreas Rosen

In depth session about comprehensive integration possibilities of Microsoft 365 in Salesforce.
We talk about automating SharePoint, Microsoft Teams and Teams Meetings, ToDos, Approvals.

Everything available in Microsoft 365 can be controlled in one way or another from Salesforce.
If you can imagine it, you can build it.

Living with your Salesforce implementation; creating a Centre of Excellence

By: Amanda Beard-Neilson

Congratulations on the implementation of Salesforce for your company. Now for the real work to begin of juggling everyday tasks, refereeing competing enhancement requests and remembering to action general Org maintenance.

I’ll talk about how you can transform from chaotic Accidental Admin mode into living with your implementation by creating a Centre of Excellence and realising a real return on investment for your Salesforce instance.

Start campaigning masterfully with master campaigns

By: Jeroen Bouserie and Johan Van den Hende

When you’re executing campaigns across multiple channels in one or more steps, ensuring they stay connected for analytics purposes is a difficult task. Data is the new gold, the struggle with digital data silo is often the cost of digging for it.

Create a Message Scheduling Tool Using Flow Builder

By: Mark Jones

Presentation recording: Click here

Maybe you’ve used automation to send out email messages before … but did you know you can use Flow Builder to schedule messages to be sent to a variety of outputs including Email, Chatter and even Slack! This session will show you how you can use the power of Salesforce Flow to schedule messages to be sent to the tool of your choice quickly and easily.

An easy and complete Salesforce CI/CD release management with open-source only !

By: Nicolas Vuillamy and Angélique PICOREAU

Change sets are dead.

CI/CD on Salesforce, what a frightening thing for some of us !
– Is it for developers only ?
– Do we need to be a git master or to know how to write command lines to use it ?
– Do we need to pay for extra licenses ?
The answer to all these questions is NO, let us show you how , with open-source only 🙂

To efficiently manage your Salesforce projects today, you must choose amongst the available options in the ecosystem:
– Purchase licenses of a DevOps market tool like Copado, Gearset, Flosum, Autorabit, Blue Canvas, Prodly, or Opsera.
– Use Salesforce DevOps Center
– Define and maintain home-made CI/CD pipelines

This session will describe how, if it fits for your team and project, you can use a fourth choice:
– based on open-source only, without having to purchase licenses or maintain home-made scripts !
– work with clicks only, not command lines !

It will end with a live demo performed by the great Angélique, business consultant with no technical background, to show that anyone can use the tooling 🙂

Come to the Light side! Flexibility with Light DOM for LWC

By: Volodymyr Radko

This presentation will explore the benefits of using Light DOM instead of Shadow DOM in LWC. While Shadow DOM provides encapsulation, Light DOM offers more flexibility and control over styling and rendering, avoiding complex workarounds and improving performance. By embracing Light DOM, LWC developers can enhance the user experience and streamline the development process.