2022 Sessions

2022 was awesome! Please take a look at our 2022 line-up.
Most sessions are recorded and are available on our YouTube channel: Playlist YeurDreamin’ 2022

A short recap of the event, by Flatcap Goatee Productions

The tooling API demystified: it’s not only for developers

Doria Hamelryk, Fabrice Challier

The naked truth about Salesforce Development

10 essential tips to keep Devs and yourself happy

Caroline Häming, Christian Szandor Knapp

Tackle Your Everyday Business Problems Like an Architect

Melissa Shepard

Use Salesforce to Drive Adoption, in Salesforce!

Louise Lockie

We need to talk about: Metadata – the Secret Sauce of Salesforce Customisation

Christian Menzinger, Matthias Rolke

Salesforce Billing Implementations

Imke Haleydt

Women in Tech: How Salesforce fueled my Career

Zara Jayne Van Hooijdonk

Run End-to-End Tests with the UI Testing Model (UTAM)

Philippe Ozil

Demo Jam

Ankit Taneja and our awesome Demo Jam sponsors OwnBackup, PDF Butler, Kona Search, Flair, Revenue Grid, Blackthorn and Provar

Approach Reporting Like Never Before:

The Ultimate Guide to Report Types

Evan Ponter

Harder, better, faster, stronger:

Forget Lightning Locker and move to Lightning Web Security

Fabien Taillon

Me, Myself and Headless: A composable Commerce Cloud Story

Thomas Theunen

Orchestrator or Subflows: Which Way Do I Go?

Mark Jones

What is Wrapper Class and How to use in with LWC

Oleh Mykytyn

The Art of Discovery – Why Requirements Matter!

Pallavi Agarwal

My Salesforce is SLOW!

Narender Singh

How to use CRM Analytics for guided selling

Gilles Pettersson

Connecting The Clouds: Wedding or funeral

Thomas Theunen

Keynote – Why Community Matters

Marissa Dimino Burns, Kavindra Patel